If you’re trying to decide between Facebook and Instagram for your business but aren’t sure which one to use, this piece is for you.

If you’re one of those who’ve written off Facebook as irrelevant, you might want to reconsider. My parents and their friends are the only people there, so Instagram makes the most sense. Yes, this piece is also for you if you’ve ever thought anything like, “All the millennials are on Instagram, so I should choose this platform for our business.”

Comparing Instagram with Facebook, Statistically

Looking at the data, it’s clear that both systems are quite powerful.

However, given Facebook’s lead start, it’s not surprising that they’ve amassed a somewhat larger user base and greater level of popularity. Instagram, on the other hand, has grown strongly and steadily, and its popularity is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why so many companies are attempting to promote themselves on both Facebook and Instagram.

Sum of all users

Facebook has the most users by a wide margin, with over 2.7 billion active users. When compared to other social media sites, its user base is by far the largest on this one.

But Instagram has over a billion users as well. It has gone a long way since 2012, when it had only 30 million members.

Types of Viewers

The demographics of your target audience are an important consideration when choosing a social media platform for brand development. SproutSocial has done a great job of categorising how various groups of people use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Instagram users are more active than their Twitter counterparts. Researchers found that brand interaction on Instagram was 10 times greater than on Facebook.

Instagram sees an average of 95 million photo uploads every day, with each post receiving an estimated 4.2 billion likes per day. More than two-thirds of Instagrammers log in at least once daily, and over half access the app numerous times in a single day.

Which Social Media Platform Is Better for Your Brand’s Strategy: Instagram or Facebook?

According to Talk Central’s Jeff Dundas, “from an organic brand-building standpoint, both Facebook and Instagram have served pivotal roles in growing our following.” “However, Instagram has shown to be superior than Facebook in terms of watching and followers. However, Facebook has been more useful in terms of consumers sharing our material and contacting us through the platform’s chat feature.

Both Facebook and Instagram have their advantages and disadvantages, and companies see varying levels of success using either platform. Some companies have seen incredible success with Instagram, while others have seen similar success with Facebook.
There is a higher rate of conversion on Facebook.

Instagram consistently surpasses Facebook by a factor of three to six times in terms of engagement, while Facebook generally performs better in terms of conversions.

There may be exceptions in some sectors, but for us (and our client accounts), we find that increasing interaction and visibility on Instagram leads to more conversions on Facebook. Digital Chimp’s Adam Inglis chimes in.

Reaching targeted audiences using Facebook

If you want to reach company owners, I think Facebook is a lot better platform for brand growth than any other option. Defends Linkody’s Francois-Louis Mommens.

The average age of Facebook users is significantly higher than that of Instagram users. This allows me to get my goods in front of a larger audience of potential buyers. Logic dictates that adults have a greater need for services than do teens, given their greater disposable income. I can reach out to more individuals and, perhaps, persuade them to check out my website thanks to my active business presence on Facebook.

Facebook facilitates link-building

Facebook may be a great approach for bloggers and companies who primarily utilise blogs as a content marketing strategy to bring in targeted visitors.

Scale Blogging’s Dhruvir Zala states, “There’s no doubt Facebook qualifies in generating a targeted and huge amount of traffic for your blog.”
In terms of visual advertising, Instagram is king.

Instagram is well-known as a hub for visual material.

Instagram, as stated by Khoros’ Dakota Lowe, is now the new homepage. Instagram’s emphasis on visuals is a boon to getting your message out and building brand loyalty.

Ben Arndt, co-founder of DUNK Basketball, says, “Instagram has been a far more effective platform for our business in terms of consistently growing your brand.”

The aesthetics of our primary product (custom basketball jerseys) are the driving force behind its success.

Instagram users are more involved than ever before

Despite the fact that certain companies have more success with Facebook interaction, the general consensus is that Instagram is far superior.

Instagram, thanks to its capacity for in-depth involvement, is more beneficial than Facebook from an organic brand-building perspective, according to Stephanie Riel of RielDeal Marketing. Instagram offers an easy-to-use interface that encourages interaction by means of comments, likes, and hashtags, allowing its users to go deeper for the purposes of inquiry, discovery, and connection.

Instagram’s organic reach is higher

When comparing organic reach, I think Instagram much surpasses Facebook. That’s because of all the unique details and the sophisticated nature of the algorithms.” The Incredo’s Aida Grigoryan agrees.

Adding location tags to posts and stories on Instagram makes a lot of sense because hashtags are more effective there than on Facebook. Instagram is a shopping platform and information hub, therefore these do assist boost organic reach.

Instagram makes it simpler to communicate with fans

Instagram facilitates such a human-to-human connection with your following. This is why many companies have started sharing outtakes, giving their fans exclusive access to the making-of content, holding frequent question-and-answer sessions, etc.

Applebaum explains why: “Instagram allows me to introduce folks behind the scenes into my life. When people see that I’ve used all possible means to ensure their safety, it offers them peace of mind.

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