Are you bored with the same old Instagram engagement strategies?

Do you wish you had more ideas for fascinating material and pictures to share with your followers?

It’s time to incorporate the latest Instagram trends into your brand’s Instagram social marketing strategy.

Here’s a current snapshot of the most popular Instagram topics to get you started with “The Gram.”


Instagram “challenges” are one of the platform’s most viral posts because they keep users interested and involved. The Push-Up Challenge is meant to motivate individuals to be physically active, while the “See a Dog, Share a Dog” challenge invites users to share pictures of their adorable or bizarre dogs.

Participate in this popular Instagram trend by creating a challenge that is either directly related to your company or to your audience. If you sell cookware, for instance, you might organise a food challenge and see how many people you can get to participate. Don’t forget to think up a better name than I have, because Instagram allows you to add a custom challenge sticker to your pictures (#FOODCHALLENGE, for example).

Twitter’s Periscope

The live video streaming function Instagram Live was released in 2016, although it has not been widely used. As individuals spend more time online these days, we may see Live taking off.

But it’s not only how much time people are spending on social media that makes Instagram Live so popular; it’s also how they’re putting that time to good use. Right now, businesses are utilising Live to stream series that are akin to television programmes (more on this in a bit). Shows like Top Chef and Rap Battle and Dance Battle are examples of this.

What’s more, with the newest version, you can now store Live footage to IGTV, so your broadcasts may be viewed whenever you choose and not just during the broadcast. More people will see your content if you add a preview of the IGTV video to your Instagram Story.

You should also check out IGTV Series, a new Instagram product that lets you make your own TV programme.

Take advantage of people watching more videos by publishing live content they can watch right now or at any time they’re using the app.


While the concept of “stories” is not new, it appears that users are now sharing more “Stories” than “normal” material. Since half of all users engage with Stories on a daily basis, businesses are holding back their best work for the main feed.

More and more, we’re seeing brands include user-generated content into their Stories. You may expect to find quizzes, polls, and other interactive content in the Stories of the companies you follow.


Instagram has become an important sales tool for ecommerce firms as 60% of consumers find new goods through the platform. If so, you should look at the most popular Instagram purchasing trends to meet customer demands.

Did you know that 65% of Instagram users who see a product they’re interested in click on to the brand’s website or app? Or the fact that 46% of them bought something? It’s crucial to coordinate your Instagram approach with customer behaviour data:

Tagging items in photos and making them available for purchase within Instagram itself is a rapidly growing market. This allows companies to capitalise on “in-the-moment” enthusiasm while also providing a streamlined purchase experience for consumers.

In the near future, “Shops” will be available within the Instagram app, allowing businesses to quickly and easily set up an online storefront within the Instagram app. The future seems bright with this addition.

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