The “music” sticker’s attached audio track is not saved when an Instagram Story is downloaded, despite the fact that Instagram offers a built-in capability for storing and downloading Stories.

Learn how to save Instagram Stories with the audio still playing by following the advice below.

Can you tell me how to embed a song into an Instagram story?

  • To add music to your Instagram Story without leaving the app, use the music sticker.
  • To add music to an Instagram Story, open the Sticker menu after creating a new Story.

Use Vista Social’s popular music suggestions for your Instagram Story to save time and effort.

Select the “three dots” icon in the thumbnail of the video you wish to utilize, then add it to the publisher on Vista Social. By clicking the “Pick sound” button, Instagram will propose popular music tracks and other sounds to add to your videos.

If you’re looking for a certain music, you may use the search function under the “Trending sounds” section. Otherwise, pick a suggestion from the list below and hit “Apply sound.”

Audio suggestion generation expedites the Instagram content development process. This frees up your time to concentrate on other matters, such as thinking of questions to ask in your Instagram Story, examining your statistics and analytics, keeping tabs on the competition, etc.

Instagram: how to save a story with audio?

If you’ve created a musical Instagram Story and want to save it, you may do so by opening the Story in the Instagram app and selecting “More.”

Follow the prompts to save your video (or photo, if your Story is an image) by tapping the “Save” button. Your completed Story has been added to your archive.

This method will only save the video or image without any audio if you used a sticker to add music to your Story. However, there is a tool for everything, including the process of embedding a YouTube video in an Instagram Story.

For example, you can get the entire soundtrack to “Story” from

Enter the username of the account containing the Story you wish to download and then click “Download” on their website. will retrieve the Instagram Stories once you’ve answered the CAPTCHA question. When you are finished, navigate to the desired Story, and select “Save as Video.”

If the movie opened in a new tab, you may simply right-click and choose “Save Video As” to save the file. (or a similar option).

If you need to make compilations or collages, learning how to acquire a copy of a musical Instagram Story is helpful. All you need to do is learn how to combine multiple photos into a single Instagram Story or video.

A simple screenshot should do the trick if you want a duplicate of someone else’s picture Stories. The answer to the question “does Instagram notify when you screenshot a Story” is no; users can take screenshots of publicly posted Stories without raising suspicion.

Keeping a musical Instagram story (without publishing it): a must-know!

You may preload your Instagram Stories with music and save them on your device before you share them.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Launch Instagram and start a new Story.
  • Two, provide a musical accompaniment to your Story by use of the music sticker.
  • Step 3: Select the options menu (three dots) before publishing the Story.
  • After Step 4, your Story draught will be downloaded to your gallery as you tap “Save.” (with the music intact).

The best way to download Instagram Story music for later use.

Follow these procedures to store songs in your Instagram account for use in future Stories:

  • Beginning with the Instagram app, start by making a new Reel.
  • 2nd Step: Pick an Image or Video (from your gallery or via the Instagram camera tool).
  • Third, go to the main toolbar and select “Audio.” (left side).
  • The fourth step is to find the track you wish to keep and swipe left.
  • Method 5: Select the Instagram bookmark to save the track.
  • When you use this strategy, songs will be added to your Instagram “collection.”

You won’t waste time looking for the same music every time you need them because of this.

This is not the time to decide between Instagram Stories and Reels. Instagram’s Story editor does not support adding music, but the Reel editor does.

Adding songs to your Instagram library speeds up the process of making Stories and Reels. Make sure you’re using the correct Instagram Story dimensions to get the best results.

Insta-stories with music you no longer want?

Here’s how to remove songs from your Instagram library:

  • Start by opening the Instagram app where you may make a new Reel.
  • The second step is to pick an item from your media library.
  • Method 3: Select “Audio.”
  • Tap “Saved” on the music library page in Step 4.
  • The fifth action is to search for the songs you wish to remove.
  • Sixth, to get rid of it from your bookmarks, swipe left and hit the bookmark symbol.

Is there any way to preserve the musical gallery on Instagram?

Using music in your Instagram story and how to store it:

  • To save a musical Instagram Story, visit or a similar tool.
  • You should always save a copy of your Instagram Story before you publish it.
  • You may now save your Instagram Story with the sound intact (under the “More” tab).

How can I save a video from Instagram on my iPhone that includes music?

Instagram Stories set to music may be saved with or by saving a copy before publishing. As an alternative, you may utilise Instagram’s built-in screen recorder to quickly archive your Stories.

In 2022, how do you get music from Instagram?

To download the audio, open the Instagram Reel editor, slide left, and then hit the bookmark symbol. You may re-use the recorded audio in your Instagram Stories or Reels.

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