Possessing a reliable resource of Instagram accounts from which to draw ideas makes creating a successful marketing campaign for customers a breeze.

Simply use your Instagram research tools or, better yet, visit some of your rivals’ Instagram pages to learn more about their strategies. Check out their content and social media to get some ideas for your own.

Here are 9 Instagram posts that might serve as marketing companies’ inspiration

If you’re looking for some marketing ideas, these are some of the top Instagram accounts to follow:

1. Dain Walker

Dain Walker’s Instagram is proof that he is a branding expert.

Not only did he employ narrative highlights to spell out the word “brand,” but that’s not the only reason.

Dain Walker is a talented visual artist who can do much more than what is described in his artistic biography. He achieves this by employing a consistent visual language that leaves an impression on Instagram followers that visit his profile.

Do what the top Instagram influencers do to show your clientele you’re prepared to go above and beyond for them. The smart utilisation of Instagram Story highlights is a fantastic takeaway approach in Dain Walker’s situation.

2. Neil Patel

Any respectable social media marketing firm should recognise this name and face.

For his Instagram posts, all Neil Patel does is stand in front of the camera and dispense pearls of wisdom.

As good-looking as he is, Neil’s face isn’t the reason why he’s number two on our list. Rather, it’s because his Instagram feed is a treasure of marketing advice and vital wisdom for companies.

He has done an excellent job of humanising his brand. In contrast to other thought leaders, Neil has a special Stories highlight called “Kids” whose contents you may probably imagine.

3. Travel: National Geographic

Their photographs and sometimes annotations might provide inspiration for marketing firms.

If you’re a marketer in in need of a mental break, check out their Instagram account.

4. We have Russell Brunson.

Success story and marketing specialist Russell Brunson finds the sweet spot between promotional and genuine, individualised writing.

Russell’s Instagram is a mix of inspiring words of wisdom and personal images that everybody can relate to.

The core of his brand’s message is geared at helping marketers become their best selves.

If you’re looking for a break from the daily grind or some marketing ideas for your company, Russell Brunson’s profile is a great place to start.

5. Car News Network

The Instagram account for automobile News Network is really well-suited to interacting with automobile buffs.

There are a few strategic moves that they make that are effective.

To begin with, they have a firm grasp of the optimal Instagram story and post inquiries. Because of this, they are unrivalled in their ability to captivate an audience.

6. Funky Flower

Amy Perez, a graphic designer, came up with the double motivation of the Funkie Flower.

As a visual design website, it may assist businesses come up with bright post ideas that their clients would appreciate. The Instagram profile is a treasure trove of motivational sayings on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to one’s work, style, aspirations, motivation, friends, and more.

7. Career Contessa

The ladies behind the Career Contessa brand are driven professionals themselves, and the brand was designed with them in mind.

Lauren McGoodwin, a self-proclaimed “girl boss,” started it with the intention of empowering others, particularly other women, by sharing strategies for achieving success.

Despite the focus on women, their uplifting Instagram profiles are valuable resources for individuals of all sexes.

its Instagram is full of helpful photographs and videos that can improve the followers.

Instagram marketing firms rely heavily on their page for visual inspiration. Marketers may get inspiration and advice for professional development on their site.

8. The Quotable Adage

The Good Quote is a great Instagram account to follow if you’re seeking for inspirational words to live by.

Their Instagram is loaded with inspirational sayings on subjects as diverse as life, achieving your goals, loving your physique, and staying motivated. Some of these will make you giggle, it will motivate and encourage you.

The Good Quote also demonstrates that inspiring narratives and optimistic messages may be communicated without the use of flashy images. They take pictures of inspirational quotations and related life stories from artists all around the world and post them to Instagram; this type of content is ideal for mass scheduling in advance.

9. Josh’s Marketing Show

Comprehension Digital’s Josh Halse is behind the unheralded Instagram account Marketing With Josh.

As the title says, it is a goldmine of ideas and actionable advice for advertising firms. From the value of influencer marketing to basic SEO strategies, it will direct you to the information you need.

His website displays Instagram photos automatically thanks to a plugin for WordPress. He may effectively promote both his own and Josh’s businesses by linking their respective websites.

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