Instagram has quickly become the most important social media platform for marketing professionals. That’s due to the sheer number of Instagram users.

So, if you want to engage with your audience and expand your brand, Instagram is the place to be, whether you’re a micro-influencer or a Fortune 500 firm.

In addition, Instagram offers a tonne of cool tools like IGTV that help businesses reach a wider audience.

When asked, “What is IGTV?”

IGTV is both a separate app and a function within Instagram that enables users to share extended video content. Instagram’s standard video length restriction of 10-30 seconds leaves very little possibility for user interaction.

Instagram introduced IGTV in 2018 in anticipation of the predicted 3.1 billion global users of online video platforms by 2023.

With IGTV, companies now have another option besides Stories and regular posts to promote themselves on Instagram. Late in 2019, Instagram began letting companies make a minute-long IGTV teaser to entice viewers.

These days, an ordinary Instagram account has more than enough time to communicate with its followers in the ten minutes allotted for videos.

The Top 5 Strategies Companies Use IGTV Videos To Expand Their Instagram Presence

Business growth, customer engagement, and ABM are just a few of the many benefits you can get from using IGTV videos. You only need to learn the basics of getting started with IGTV. You must be pumped to start making IGTV videos and expanding your Instagram following.

Use IGTV to raise awareness for a good cause

Certus Insights reports that prior to making a purchase, 70% of consumers are interested in learning about a company’s stance on social and environmental concerns. In addition, 46% of customers care deeply about the social responsibility initiatives that organisations undertake.

Here, Instagram TV films are a terrific way to demonstrate your brand’s social engagement and the issues you support to your Instagram followers. Becoming a socially engaged company does not need you to donate thousands of dollars or many hours to charity. Like the IGTV video by L’Oréal Paris protesting street harassment, even seemingly little actions can have far-reaching effects.

L’Oréal brought attention to the terrible problem of street harassment against women and shown their support for the cause with this short film. To gain credibility with your target demographic and boost sales, you might utilise IGTV to spread the word about a worthy cause relevant to your industry.

Brand Partnerships

In the realm of social media marketing, brand partnership is one of the more unexplored avenues. Few companies see the benefits of working with complementary businesses.

  • Extend the brand’s influence
  • Develop your market share
  • Boosts earnings
  • Increase the number of users and other benefits.

Here, working with other companies, professionals, and influencers on IGTV is a fantastic possibility. Moreover, working with others allows you to produce both useful and interesting material for your Instagram followers.

Therefore, you may make IGTV episodes along with companies that appeal to the same demographic as your own but aren’t direct rivals. If, for instance, you run a cupcake business, working with culinary influencers can help you reach a wider audience.

Start an Instagram TV Show

The ability to make series is a big reason why IGTV has become so popular. Making a series of videos on IGTV around a single subject or topic might provide your viewers with a television-like experience.

You may strengthen your relationship with your target demographic and build brand recognition with the IGTV series. To see how the IGTV series works, let’s have a look at the Instagram page for another jewellery business, Mejuri.

Spread Product Tutorials and How-To Guides

Videos providing instructions on how to use a product or service are bound to be popular on YouTube. If you have videos in this style previously uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, you may use them on IGTV as well.

You may advertise your wares on Instagram for little to nothing without making any new videos for IGTV in this method. If your films were shot in a horizontal orientation, you will need to alter them to fit IGTV’s vertical requirements.

Let’s use Tarte Cosmetics IGTV videos as an example because cosmetics tutorials are quite popular. Millions of people adore the cosmetics company’s Instagram videos in which they demonstrate how to use their products and provide a promotional discount.

So, in addition to offering discounts, you may provide some helpful instructions or product lessons to attract customers.

Take to Instagram Live

In 2020, Instagram Live reportedly had 70% increase during lockdown. If you have a large enough following on Instagram or Facebook, you may go live and then edit the footage for IGTV.

Use IGTV to Promote Your Company.

Now that you know how to market an igtv video, it may be one of the most interesting and straightforward methods for brands to interact with their Instagram followers. Also, IGTV may be used in a wide variety of ways, including partnerships with established companies like Salesforce and the usage of well-known faces to promote important causes and goods from companies like Microsoft.

Overall, IGTV can be utilised in several ways to advertise a brand on Instagram; all it takes is a little imagination and originality on your part. Now that you have a working knowledge of IGTV, we will release you to launch your channel and expand your company.

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