You’re not alone if you get trapped in a rut of mindlessly reloading Instagram’s Explore page because you can’t get enough of the app. Instagram’s goal is to provide you with the best possible experience, thus the service prioritises displaying material that you are most likely to find interesting. That’s why it’s crucial to learn Instagram’s inner workings if you want to increase your profile’s exposure and attract more followers.

The Instagram Algorithm: What Is It?

Instagram’s algorithm isn’t just one thing; it’s a collection of classifiers, processes, and algorithms that all work together to tailor the service to each user. Instagram’s first algorithm was rather straightforward: posts appeared in the feed in the order in which they were uploaded. In 2023, however, Instagram’s algorithm has evolved into a complex system that can predict each user’s interests and serve up material accordingly.

Ranking of Instagram Posts and Stories in Feeds

In Instagram’s Feed and Stories, users prefer to see posts from those they know and care about. This means that the criteria used to rank these two are essentially same. Your Feed and Stories will only ever feature posts from the people you choose to follow.
Instagram places a premium on the following signals to ensure that content in your Feed and Stories is ranked accurately:

  • Instagram’s algorithm considers a post’s level of popularity based on the number of likes it has received. Post duration (in the case of videos), location (if applicable), and time of day are also taken into account.
  • Data pertaining to the original poster: Instagram takes into account signals such as the frequency and recency of your interactions with the individual to determine how significant they are to you.
  • Instagram analyses your behaviour to infer your interests, including the number of posts you’ve liked and the sorts of material you often interact with.
  • Interaction history — Instagram considers signals like whether you comment on a user’s posts to determine how interested you are in viewing material from that user.
  • The Instagram algorithm takes this data and utilises it to estimate the likelihood that you will engage with a certain post. For posts in the Feed, for instance, it analyses factors such as how long you plan to stay on the page, whether or not you plan to comment, like, or save the post, and whether or not you want to go through to the profile. The algorithm assumes that the content that appears higher in your Feed is the more likely to elicit a response from you.

How to Use 2023 Instagram’s Algorithm to Your Advantage?

The amount of interactions you receive is a crucial factor in your content’s exposure on Explore, Reels, and Feed. Create content that people will want to like, share, comment on, and save if you want to take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm.

Here are some suggestions to help you rise in Instagram’s search results and expand your following:

Make Short, Entertaining Films

You may increase your Instagram following by using Instagram’s promotion of Reels. If you want to keep your current audience interested and get new ones, you need to schedule time to make plenty of Reels.

The system evaluates Reels based on how entertaining they are, so keep things light and humorous. Also, it takes into account whether or not viewers watch the entire Reel, so making them concise can improve the odds that viewers will watch them all.

Time It Just Right

You should aim to garner as many likes and comments as possible within the first few seconds of publishing content on Instagram, since interactions are a major ranking element in the Instagram algorithm. That’s why it’s crucial to post and share stories during times when your followers are most likely to be online and engaged with them. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, your posts and Stories may be lost among the hundreds of thousands of others.

Encourage Participation in the Story

Instagram’s ranking of Stories is based in part on the number of interactions each story receives. Make sure the people who see your Stories are interested enough to engage with it so that it may reach a wider audience. You can get people involved with your Stories by using polls, question stickers, and emoji sliders.

Check out how Omsom, an Asian food brand, engages their audience by having them vote on which of two dishes they should eat in their Stories. This boosts engagement, which in turn helps their content rise in the Instagram feed.

Get Feedback From Others

Engagement is used as a rating indication for both posts and Reels. Increasing your Instagram interaction is essential if you want your posts to appear higher in Explore, Feed, and Reels. If you want to increase your interactions and increase the likelihood that your post will appear on the Explore page, likes are excellent, but comments are even better.

Use the available area in your captions to solicit feedback on your postings. Create captions that enhance the material by providing background information or narratives.

Include Appropriate Hashtags

Because they tell the algorithm what the content is about, hashtags are a crucial factor in rankings. Using relevant and popular hashtags in your posts is a great way to boost your profile’s visibility and position on the platform.

Use our Hashtag Generator Tool to generate the best possible hashtags for your articles in case you have no idea what to use. After you upload an image file, the software will automatically find keywords that describe it.

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