Marketing your business on Instagram with paid advertisements is a fantastic strategy for reaching a wider audience. Instagram not only boasts over a billion active users per month. Furthermore, its engagement rates are higher than those of both Facebook and Twitter.

In this article, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of Instagram and how to effectively use it for promotional purposes.

To begin, let’s define Instagram advertisements

The photo-sharing app Instagram is a Facebook subsidiary. In 2015, it began providing advertisements to the general public for the first time. Instagram has become more vital as a client acquisition medium for many businesses nowadays.

FacebookAds Manager now works with Instagram ads. The Facebook and Instagram ad platforms are also supported by Ads Management. As a result, businesses now have access to Facebook’s troves of user data for audience targeting.

More than 100 million adult Americans use Instagram on a monthly basis, making it an excellent platform for advertising. Although organic postings can bring your content in front of consumers, paid promotion is typically a more efficient way to get the ball rolling. They make it possible to send precisely tailored messages to certain consumers at specific moments in time.

Formats for Instagram Ads

Instagram has 5 different ad options:

  • Stories ads
  • Picture Ads
  • Videos ads
  • Ads in a carousel
  • Collection ad

All of these advertisements are presented in the Feeds and Stories of users in a natural way, making them feel less intrusive than advertisements on other platforms, such as those associated with affiliate networks.

Instagram furthermore provides several options for users to take action. It’s crucial to have a clear call to action with your visual content if you want it to be successful.

Details of each Instagrammed item, please.

Picture Ads

Essentials –

These advertising I need to be either square or landscape oriented

Ad image sizes vary by format and may be found in the table below.

Usage When –

As far as Instagram ads go, this one is the most popular. Advertisements based on photos are the quickest to create if your firm already has high-quality photographs.

Common advertising aims include:

Reach (maximise the amount of individuals that view your ad)
Conversions (have users do an action on your site) 
Downloading an application to a mobile device and generating leads

Standard Operating Procedures

Make your photos seem like they belong in an Instagram feed. To do this, think carefully about your target audience and use aesthetically appealing imagery.

Videos ads

Essentials –

When shooting a video in landscape or square, both are acceptable. 

The maximum file size for your movie should be no more than 4GB.

Usage When –

There’s no denying the widespread interest in online video. You should absolutely be testing videos advertisements on Instagram if you have the means to invest in developing a video marketing plan. Advertisements in the form of videos are a great medium for telling your brand’s narrative and showcasing your wares.
Lead generation, traffic, reach, conversions, brand exposure, and post engagement are all tenets of successful advertising campaigns.

The Gold Standard –

The initial three seconds of a video are critical in determining whether or not the viewer will continue to watch.

Narrow your focus to one key point. This might take the form of informing consumers about your company or convincing them to purchase your wares.

Be sure to include your brand’s logo and a clear call to action in the final few seconds of the film.

Stories ads

Essentials –

Stories now works with a wide variety of picture and video resolutions (ranging from 1:91 to 4:5)

Usage When –

The interaction rate with advertising that uses stories is really high. You may put them to use at any moment to get your content seen by more people in Instagram’s attention-grabbing Stories section.

Sometimes you need to piece together a series of photos or videos to convey a narrative.

The Gold Standard –

Make the opening of your tale aesthetically interesting and use the first few seconds to introduce your brand.

Make your tale more interesting by including some tunes.

Videos should be brief (no more than fifteen seconds) and catch the attention of the audience within the first three seconds.

Collection ad

Essentials –

The ideal ratio for a picture is between 16:9 and 1:1.

Usage When –

If you’re trying to promote a business or product and are looking for a novel method of doing it, read on.

Product catalogue sales, website traffic, conversions, and in-store foot traffic are all aims that may count on support.

The Gold Standard –

Make use of interesting visuals.

Create visual material (video or stills) that showcases your product.

Please be aware that the headline will not appear in these advertisements. As a result, your visuals should convey your message effectively.

Carousel Ads

Essentials –

From 2 to 10 photos or videos can be shown in the carousel.

Minimum resolution is 1080px by 1080px.

For videos, 4GB is the limit.

Length of videos: no more than 60 seconds

Usage When –

Carousel advertisements are a convenient way to showcase a wide variety of products. This ad type allows you to showcase various images of your brand’s wares to potential customers.

Dynamic product advertisements can also be shown in the form of carousel ads (DPA). Specifically, Instagram’s algorithm will populate your media automatically.

Objectives include increasing exposure, clickthroughs, brand recognition, qualified leads, and ultimately, product purchases.

The Gold Standard –

Put in motion or photograph something unusual and different.

Take into account who you’re writing for.

Those who have already visited your website might be remarketed to using product photos.

To attract a wider audience, you might want to show off some lifestyle photos.

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