More than 100 million people use Instagram every day, making it a platform that businesses can’t afford to ignore. However, not every Instagram-using company is succeeding.

You can tell if your Instagram posts are having a beneficial effect on your business by tracking the engagement and conversion rates they generate. A few important measures can help guide you to success on Instagram, whether you’re about to start a brand new account or want to adopt a more results-oriented approach to an existing one.

First, the faithful

The number of one’s followers is both a simple and significant indicator of success. You might use your personal Instagram account to show off your dog’s adorable antics to your friends and family. But if you’re running a business account, you want your posts to be seen by as many of your ideal customers as possible.

The adage “the more, the merrier” couldn’t be more applicable to Instagram. Use trending hashtags in your business to increase your visibility on Instagram and gain more followers. By using popular hashtags like #entrepreneur, #business, and #startup, among others, our team expanded Foundr Magazine’s Instagram following from zero to half a million in just a year.

By using these hashtags, we were able to reach a wider audience interested in entrepreneurship. You should include hashtags that pertain to your company whenever possible. Hashtags like #run, #fitness, and #instarunners could be used to promote a product like running shoes. Some appropriate hashtags for a store selling high heels include #fashion, #ootd (Outfit of the Day), and #style.
Type a term related to your industry into Instagram’s search bar, and you’ll instantly see the most used hashtags. Don’t be shy about using many hashtags in a post. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags, but Twitter only allows 140. It’s not uncommon to see postings with dozens of hashtags, but experts recommend using between 5 and 10.

I have no idea what hashtags will be the most successful. Choose the one that has been discussed the most, as measured by the number of posts, or research what similar companies in your field are doing.

After the couple has been engaged

As your Instagram following grows, you’ll want to encourage interaction with your followers by encouraging them to like and comment on your posts. The average number of tweets per thousand followers is 70.

When people actively interact with your information, it shows that the subject matter is interesting and relevant to them. What if your level of interest is low? According to marketing expert and serial entrepreneur Neil Patel, there is a method to getting the most out of Instagram:

  • Posts with pictures get 38% more likes on average.
  • Real-life customer usage imagery boosts conversions by 30%.
  • High-quality white noise garners 29% more approval.
  • There is a +24% preference for light visuals over dark ones.

To get the most out of Instagram, you should organise your posts in advance. It’s the same process as imagining a poster or a magazine ad. Think about organising your company’s Instagram posts with a calendar. Create a weekly schedule of the types of photographs you wish to share daily. Spend a day taking photos and editing them so you’re ready to post on Instagram whenever inspiration strikes.

Scenes from the story

Instagram first gained popularity due to its filters for still photographs. Since then, Instagram Stories and the ability to upload videos have been added to the social media platform. Many people and companies now use photo and video editing software to create day-in-the-life montages.

Views on your Stories can be monitored in the same way that regular post engagement can. If your Stories are getting a lot of attention, it’s because people like them. A low amount of views indicates that you should try out new approaches with your Stories.

Mix up your Story posts with features on new products, behind-the-scenes looks, and useful hints. Don’t stress about posting too much on social media; just have fun with your posts. The ability to have several interactions with consumers throughout the day via Stories is perfect for marketers, without overwhelming users’ feeds.

Web-based travel

Viewers of Instagram postings can’t click on to external websites (unless the post is an advertisement). However, a link can be included in the bio part of any Instagram account.

Many businesses simply enter their primary domain name and leave it there permanently. Keeping the Instagram bio link up-to-date with the most recent post could significantly increase the number of people clicking through to your site from the app. With just a little more work, you can add a call to action to the caption: “Check out the link in our bio for additional details.” Then, just as you would with any other referral source, you can check your Google Analytics account to see how many people came to your site from Instagram.

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