Why? The location of your audience is a crucial factor for brands searching for collaborators in an industry that relies on statistics and demographics. Vamp’s customers frequently seek out targeted audiences. If an Australian company wanted to connect with local consumers, they would do well to partner with influencers who already had a sizable audience based in Australia.

So, how can you boost your chances of being accepted for a local Instagram campaign by growing your local following?

Examine your audience demographics and interests first. There, you’ll learn which five regions make up the majority of your audience. Here’s where to look for your audience data in Instagram’s newly improved insights:

  • Visit your profile and locate the Insights tab above your Story Highlights to learn more.
  • Choose Total Followers from the Overview menu.
  • Find Counties by looking below where it says Top Locations. The top five locations from which your followers hail will be displayed here.

Investigating this information should shed light on what areas require attention. We recommend that you create an attainable target in order to ensure your own accountability. As we said, marketers prefer to collaborate with creators whose audiences reside in the target country. Many of our clients see a minimum of 20% local audience as an appropriate starting point.

It’s time to start putting in effort now. Here are seven tips for expanding your Instagram following in your immediate area:

Keep up with and participate in nearby community activities

Grow your local audience in the same way you would a national one, by communicating with users who share your interests but restrict yourself to those in your immediate area on Instagram.

Connect with people in your region by following them and engaging with their content (likes, comments, stories, direct messages). Doing even a small bit of community management every day will help your local following expand organically.

Mark your location with a geotag

In order to reach the largest possible audience with your Instagram posts and Stories, use this tool. If not, geotagging your city will put you on the map with the natives in no time.

As your fans share your tales with their own networks, your local Instagram following will grow thanks to the “word of mouth” effect of geo-tagged material.

Make use of trending hashtags in your region

Using local hashtags is, like geo-tagging, a terrific method to get your content in front of the correct people. If you’re posting from Dubai, utilise hashtags like #dubaifitfam, #mydubai, and #weekendsindubai, all of which are widely used and specific to the city.

People in Dubai who use or follow certain hashtags will see your posts and possibly decide to follow you to see more of the same.

Have your location be the focus of a story highpoint

If you like to geotag your daily excursions to nearby establishments like cafes, shops, and beaches, you could create an entire Story Highlight about your hometown. If you do a lot of travelling within your own country, this strategy may also prove useful.

By compiling a Highlight of your city’s top Stories, you can attract new followers who will feel a kinship with your content because of their common interest in the area.

Use proper terminology

You should make an effort to learn the language spoken in your new nation. If you want to appeal to both groups, you may either provide a translated version of your caption or incorporate some hashtags into the native language.

Your material will resonate more strongly with locals if it is written in the language they speak. This may persuade them to permanently become part of your group and click the “Follow” button.

Advertise yourself to nearby businesses

The best strategy to increase your organic follower count is to have your content re-shared by a popular business. However, you may increase the percentage of local users among your new followers by getting local businesses to take note of and re-share your content.

Always include the brand, company, or place in your Instagram posts. As a result, they will be more likely to (a) come across your content and (b) share it further.

Make excellent material that natives will love

Prioritising the production of high-quality content is essential. You want to give residents a reason to stick around after they find your page. Create videos that you know people in your area will like watching.

Create works of art by shooting in recognisable areas around your city or country and experimenting with different camera settings, lighting setups, props, and photo editing software like VSCO or Photoshop.

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